9 April 2020

The designer and the drilling machine

2020-04-09T23:15:47-04:009 April 2020|Categories: Mechanical design, Software design|0 Comments

There is a parabola I came up with a few years ago, about design and engineering, and it seems to fulfil its purpose quite well, so I though I might share it here.


p>As a designer, your job is to match someone’s needs/problems with a solution. The tricky part is, that someone is not necessarily the client you talk with and who pays you. As an [...]

25 April 2018

Optimize a van shelf

2019-08-27T17:07:23-04:0025 April 2018|Categories: Mechanical design|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

A few weeks ago, I discovered the tiny world of tiny houses and camping-vans and found that quite amazing. However, the current commercial camping vans look pretty sub-optimal to me, because they are equipped with kitchen-style furniture, meaning heavy, stand-alone stuff made of chipwood/OSB panels 1.5 cm thick. See for yourself :

I spent 3 years working at Polytechnique Montreal on a 280 kg [...]

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