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Photographe full-stack (maquillage, éclairage, prise de vue, retouche, programmation), chercheur/concepteur en algorithmes de traitement d'image, développeur/R&D du logiciel de retouche photo darktable et d'autres outils pour photographes numériques exigeants. Formé à la musique, à la physique classique, à l'ingénierie/conception et à la programmation. Déformé à l'épistémologie, aux mathématiques et à la philosophie. Quand j'étais petit, on m'a dit que je devrai finir par choisir entre une carrière artistique ou scientifique. J'ai fini par faire des sciences pour les arts. .
30 November 2018

Filmic, darktable and the quest of the HDR tone mapping

2021-03-11T22:25:14-05:0030 November 2018|Categories: Image processing|14 Comments



p>darktable is an open-source software for raw photographs management and processing developped since 2009 for Linux desktops. Since then, it has been ported on Mac OS and Windows 7, 8, 10. After having used it for 7 years, I begun to develop in it 3 months ago. This article shows my work and results to improve the HDR-scenes [...]

28 September 2018

Web design and no-coding CMS : are we going the right way ?

2021-03-24T20:48:37-04:0028 September 2018|Categories: Software design|0 Comments

I have been using WordPress as a CMS (content management system) for almost 10 years now. When I dug into it, I knew nothing about PHP, SQL, CSS, programmation and servers. That was one year after I switched from Windows Vista to Linux Ubuntu. I remember the big selling point of WordPress was its “15 min installation with no coding knowledge”. Slowly, I began hacking [...]

5 May 2018

Make Jupyter Notebooks easy to blog in WordPress

2021-03-24T20:48:50-04:005 May 2018|Categories: Calculation|Tags: , , , , |5 Comments

I have struggled with most solutions to convert and embed Jupyter notebooks into WordPress blog posts since I use Plotly as a graphic lib, as well as many LaTeX equations and images. Finally, I had to code my way through. Here is what I did :

1. Write the jupyter notebook

Nothing that you don’t know here. If you embed pictures in the notebook though, it would [...]

25 April 2018

Optimize a van shelf

2019-08-27T17:07:23-04:0025 April 2018|Categories: Mechanical design|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

A few weeks ago, I discovered the tiny world of tiny houses and camping-vans and found that quite amazing. However, the current commercial camping vans look pretty sub-optimal to me, because they are equipped with kitchen-style furniture, meaning heavy, stand-alone stuff made of chipwood/OSB panels 1.5 cm thick. See for yourself :

I spent 3 years working at Polytechnique Montreal on a 280 kg [...]

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