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30 November 2018

28 September 2018

Web design and no-coding CMS : are we going the right way ?

28 September 2018|

I have been using WordPress as a CMS (content management system) for almost 10 years now. When I dug into it, I knew nothing about PHP, SQL, CSS, programmation and servers. That was one year after I switched from Windows Vista to Linux Ubuntu. I remember the big selling point of WordPress was its “15 min installation with no coding […]

5 May 2018

Make Jupyter Notebooks easy to blog in WordPress

5 May 2018|

I have struggled with most solutions to convert and embed Jupyter notebooks into WordPress blog posts since I use Plotly as a graphic lib, as well as many LaTeX equations and images. Finally, I had to code my way through. Here is what I did :

1. Write the jupyter notebook

Nothing that you don’t know here. If you embed pictures though, […]

25 April 2018

Optimize a van shelf

25 April 2018|

A few weeks ago, I discovered the tiny world of tiny houses and camping-vans and found that quite amazing. However, the current commercial camping vans look pretty sub-optimal to me, because they are equipped with kitchen-style furniture, meaning heavy, stand-alone stuff made of chipwood/OSB panels 1.5 cm thick. See for yourself :

I spent 3 years working at Polytechnique […]

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